List of PowerShell Function Commands for Mac

Below is a list of PowerShell Function Commands for Mac Terminal.

cd..To navigate up one level in the file system.
cd\To navigate to the root of the file system.
Clear-HostTo clear the console window.
Compress-ArchiveMicrosoft.PowerShell.ArchiveTo create a compressed archive.
execTo execute a command or script.
Expand-ArchiveMicrosoft.PowerShell.ArchiveTo extract the contents of an archive.
Find-CommandPowerShellGetTo find commands in online repositories.
Find-DscResourcePowerShellGetTo find DSC resources in online repositories.
Find-ModulePowerShellGetTo find modules in online repositories.
Find-RoleCapabilityPowerShellGetTo find role capabilities in online repositories.
Find-ScriptPowerShellGetTo find scripts in online repositories.
Get-CredsFromCredentialProviderPowerShellGetTo retrieve credentials from a credential provider.
Get-InstalledModulePowerShellGetTo get installed modules.
Get-InstalledScriptPowerShellGetTo get installed scripts.
Get-PSRepositoryPowerShellGetTo get registered PowerShell repositories.
helpTo display help information.
Install-ModulePowerShellGetTo install a module from an online repository.
Install-ScriptPowerShellGetTo install a script from an online repository.
New-ScriptFileInfoPowerShellGetTo create a new script file.
ossTo open the current folder in File Explorer.
PauseTo pause script execution.
promptTo customize the command prompt.
PSConsoleHostReadLinePSReadLineTo provide enhanced command line editing and history capabilities.
Publish-ModulePowerShellGetTo publish a module to an online repository.
Publish-ScriptPowerShellGetTo publish a script to an online repository.
Register-PSRepositoryPowerShellGetTo register a PowerShell repository.
Save-ModulePowerShellGetTo save a module to a specified path.
Save-ScriptPowerShellGetTo save a script to a specified path.
Set-PSRepositoryPowerShellGetTo modify settings of a registered repository.
TabExpansion2To provide tab completion functionality.
Test-ScriptFileInfoPowerShellGetTo test the syntax of a script file.
Uninstall-ModulePowerShellGetTo uninstall a module.
Uninstall-ScriptPowerShellGetTo uninstall a script.
Unregister-PSRepositoryPowerShellGetTo unregister a PowerShell repository.
Update-ModulePowerShellGetTo update an installed module.
Update-ModuleManifestPowerShellGetTo update the manifest of a module.
Update-ScriptPowerShellGetTo update an installed script.
Update-ScriptFileInfoPowerShellGetTo update the metadata of a script file.

You can access this list by running the below Get-Command command in Mac Terminal running pwsh shell.

PS /Users/c2ctech> Get-Command -CommandType Function | Select-Object DisplayName, Name, ModuleName | Format-Table

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