How to enable line numbers in Eclipse IDE

If you are new to Eclipse IDE and wondering how to enable the line numbers for your code, you can do it in following steps,

  1. Go to the Gutter area of any file.
  2. Right Click → Show Line Numbers
  3. Now you should be able to see the line numbers.

Below are some screenshots that can help you guide to it.

Enable line number eclipse
Enable line number eclipse
Line numbers visible Eclipse
Line numbers visible Eclipse

Similarly if you want to disable line numbers Gutter → Right Click → Show line numbers

Alternate Option:

You can do the same by using the menu options as well: Go to Windows → Preferences → General → Editors → Text Editors, now look for "Show line numbers" checkbox and tick it!

Eclipse Show Line Numbers using Window Menu Option
Eclipse Show Line Numbers using Window Menu Option

If you are using macOS you need to go to: Eclipse → Preferences → General → Editors → Text Editors → General → Editors → Text Editors

Note: ⛏️ This is no shortcut keys to do it!


  • Perfect! :) Worked.. Thanks
    user2886 16 Jul 2020 14:07:03 GMT
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