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Mac Last Reboot history

At times it's important to know the information about when was your Mac device (Macbook, iMac, or Mac Mini) was last re-booted. You can know this detail easily by running the last reboot command in the Terminal

% last reboot

reboot    ~                         Sat Sep 10 08:21 
reboot    ~                         Fri Sep  9 08:45 
reboot    ~                         Thu Sep  8 09:52 
reboot    ~                         Wed Sep  7 07:52 
reboot    ~                         Sun Sep  4 07:52 
reboot    ~                         Sat Sep  3 08:59 
reboot    ~                         Fri Sep  2 20:12 
reboot    ~                         Fri Sep  2 08:12 
reboot    ~                         Wed Aug 31 08:09 

As you can see, the last reboot commands return history with the date and time, when your Mac device was rebooted.

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