How to uninstall GarageBand from Mac

If you own a MacBook with 256GB or 512GB of memory, you would soon be in a situation that do you not have enough space on your device to add more softwares of data. There are few Apps that come preinstalled with macOS (Catalina, Mojave or Big Sur) such as GarageBand

Not everyone is a composer and wants to make use of Apps such as GarageBand, it takes up ~1.7GB space on my M1 Macbook and more if you download loops libraries.

"How to delete/uninstall GarageBand App from Mac?"

  1. Open Finder App, by trying finder in Spotlight Search,
  2. Now click on Applications from the left Favorites section,
  3. Look for App GarageBand and right click Move to Thrash,
  4. You may see a pop-up "Finder wants to move "GarageBand" to the Thrash", Use Password or Touch ID to move it to thrash,
  5. Empty your Thrash.

✌️You may have also downloaded GarageBand sound libraries that you may want to delete to free up more space,

"How to delete/uninstall GarageBand Sound Libraries from Mac?"

  1. Click on the Apple icon on macOS menu bar,
  2. Select: About this Mac,
  3. Go to Storage tab,
  4. Now click on Manage..,
  5. Click on Music Creation,
  6. Click on Remove GarageBand Sound Library,
  7. You will see a pop-up like this,
    Remove GarageBand Sound Library from disk?
    This will free up 2.53 GB of storage. 
    You can’t undo this action, 
    but you can reinstall the Sound Library later if needed.
  8. Click on Remove.

This should free up a lot of space for you! :)

Delete GarageBand Sound Library
Delete GarageBand Sound Library
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