TextEdit Clear Formatting when Pasting Text

If you copy a text from the web or any other file and paste it into a TextEdit file on the Mac, you will see that the destination formatting (font style, size, etc) gets added to your file.

If you want to clear the formatting when pasting text in TextEdit, follow the below options:

Paste with formatting TextEdit
  1. Be on the TextEdit App,
  2. Now goto Menu: Format -> Make Plain Text
    Make Plain Text Option
  3. You will see a warning:

    Convert this document to plain text?

    Making a rich text document plain will replace the saved document file, and lose all text styles, images, attachments and document properties.

  4. When you click ok, the text will be converted into plain text and all the formatting will be gone, and any copy-paste will result in standard paste without formatting.
  5. Press Command + Z if you want to get back to the previous version of the file (i.e. undo changes).
Plain Text EditText

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