zsh: command not found: brew [fix]

After installing the homebrew on my macOS, when I ran the brew command on the Terminal app I received the error zsh: command not found: brew

Code2care@Mac % brew install node
zsh: command not found: brew
zsh: command not found: brew

Solutions to brew command is not found an error!

    Solution 1:

    When you install brew in macOS it gets installed at the location - /opt/homebrew, in order to run the brew command you need to cd this location and get into the bin directory and run the brew commands.

    The above solution will work but is not an ideal way of running the brew command, it's better to add the path of brew installation in the .zshrc file

    Solution 2:

    1. Open the .zshrc file using command: nano ~/.zshrc,
    2. Now add the following to the file: export PATH="$PATH:/opt/homebrew/bin/"
    3. Save the file by pressing Control + X followed by Enter.
    4. Apply the changes by command: source ~/.zshrc
    Editing .zshrc file for brew path
    Editing .zshrc file for brew path

    Now you can run the brew command from anywhere!

    Brew command working after zshrc file update

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