How to create classic site in SharePoint Online

Clients and developers are moving towards modern SharePoint sites. The modern experience is fast, secured, beautiful, dynamic, mobile friendly, blends with Microsoft Teams, the list goes on.

There might still be a few customers who may want to use classic SharePoint sites with Microsoft 365, for various reasons. Are you one among the classic SharePoint lovers? Well, there is way to create classic SharePoint sites from SharePoint Online.

The classic and modern SharePoint sites will coexist as per Microsoft's official statement.

✔️ Steps to create classic SharePoint site

  1. Navigate to SharePoint Admin Center (Modern).
  2. Expand Sites from the left section.
  3. Click Active sites.
  4. Click Create to create a new site.
  5. Scroll down and click on Other options.

  6. Create SharePoint Online site
    Create SharePoint Online site

  7. From Choose a template dropdown, select More templates.

  8. SharePoint site templates
    SharePoint site templates

  9. This will open a new tab, fill necessary details and click OK.

  10. create classic SharePoint site
    create classic SharePoint site

  11. You classic site will be created in few minutes.

✔️ Create classic SharePoint site using PowerShell

You can also create classic SharePoint sites from PowerShell using the New-SPOSite command(SharePoint Online Management Shell - Run as Administrator).

New-SPOSite -Url -Title "Classic SPO Site" -StorageQuota 5000 -Template STS#0 -Owner

Although you may find it easy to work with classic SharePoint site and quickly create forms using jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, REST, it is less secured as compared to Modern sites. Try moving away from classic sites as they may retire sometime in future.

As a best practice, do all your new work with Modern SharePoint sites - modern pages, sfpx web parts. And plan to migrate all classic stuff to modern eventually.

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