Change label (text) color in tkinter

By default like any other UI you work with, the default color of the text is black, if you want to change it to some other in Tkinter then you need to use the argument - foreground. Let's see an example,

from tkinter import *
window = Tk()

# Changed the color of my black from black to green
my_label_example = Label(window, text='This is my text', foreground='green')


⛏️ You can also use a short-form of this attribute: example: fg='#2848273'

tkinter - Change lable text color
tkinter - Change label text color

⛏️ You can use color names such as - black, white, green, yellow, orange, etc.

⛏️ You can also use hex color code just like you may use with HTML or CSS: Example: #eeeeee, #202020

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