How to change the KeyMap in Android Studio

If you are used to working with Eclipse IDE or have moved from Windows PC to a Macbook, well you can set the same keyboard setup for your Android Studio by setting the KepMap you need as follows,

  1. Open Android Studio,
  2. Go to Menu: Android Studio -> Settings (or Preferences)
  3. From the left sidebar select Keymap,
  4. Choose the option you want from the dropdown,
    • macOS
    • Eclipse
    • Eclipse (macOS)
    • Emacs
    • IntelliJ IDEA Classic
    • macOS System Shortcuts
    • NetBeans
    • Sublime Text
    • Sublime Text (macOS)
    • Visual Studio
    • Visual Studio (macOS)
  5. Click Apply and OK

Change KeyMap Android Studio

If there is a conflict you would see their list with a note "shortcuts conflict with the macOS system shortcuts. Assign custom shortcuts or change the macOS system settings."

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