29: Program to move a file in Python

The best way to move a file from one location to another is using the move() method from the shutil module.

Program 1: using shutil.move()
Program: Move a file.

Author: Code2care.org
Version: v 1.0
Date    : 3rd July 2023 

import shutil

def python_move_file(source_file, dest_file):
        shutil.move(source_file, dest_file)
        print(f"The File was moved from {source_file} to {dest_file}")
    except IOError as e:
        print(f"An error occurred while moving the file: {e}")

source_file = "data/myfile.csv"
destination_file = "prod/data/myfile.csv"

python_move_file(source_file, destination_file)

There are other methods that can be used to move a file.

Program 2: Using os.rename()
import os

source_file = "c://data//file.csv"
destination_file = "d://prod//data//file.csv"

os.rename(source_file, destination_file)

Program 3: Using os.system()
import os

source_file = "c://data//file.csv"
destination_file = "d://prod//data//file.csv"

if os.name == "posix":  # Unix/Linux/macOS
    os.system(f"mv {source_file} {destination_file}")
elif os.name == "nt":  # Windows
    os.system(f"move {source_file} {destination_file}")

Program 4: Using os.replace()
import os

source_file = "c://data//file.csv"
destination_file = "d://prod//data//file.csv"

os.replace(source_file, destination_file)

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