Change Sublime Text 3 white background color theme

White Color Scheme Theme Sublime Text 3 Editor
White Color Scheme/Theme Sublime Text 3 Editor

By Default Sublime Text 3 Editor has a gray or dark-colored theme to it. If you wish to change the theme to a white the background and black text theme then you can try the below options,

  1. Goto Menu Option: Preferences (you can use keyboard shortcut Alt + N on Windows OS)
  2. Now select: Color Scheme...
  3. You would see a drop-down option, select Breakers, Sixteen or Celeste.
  4. Now you background should be while and foreground text will be in black color.

✌️ Monokia is the default color scheme for Sublime Text 3

⚡️ You should also they some other Color Schemes that are available such as: Marina

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