Possible outages message Google Webmaster tool

If you just received a message on your "Google Webmaster tool webpage" saying that there was a Possible outage on your website.

Dear owner or webmaster of http://code2care.org/
While crawling your site, we have noticed an increase in the number of transients 
soft 404 errors around 2018-08-07 14:00 UTC (London, Dublin, Edinburgh). 
Your site may have experienced outages. These issues may have been resolved. 
Here are some sample pages that resulted in soft 404 errors:

For more information, see our Help Center:

Soft 404 errors

What does this message mean?

It simply means that google bots (crawlers) tried to craw your website (sitemap.xml file) URLs and they were not found!!

What can be the reasons ?

The pages are being removed from your hosting domain. Do check with your webmaster/developers to confirm

How to resolve Possible outages issue ?

It can be a transit issue, you may have been working on some migration maintenance work when the bots tried to crawl your website. Just try visiting the pages mentioned in the error message through a web browser. If they exist then try getting it fetched from the Fetch as Google option.

If you cannot see these pages on a browser, then check the header type by using websites like webconfs.com to analyze the HTTP header code. If it is a 404 return then it is for sure that the page does not exist on your hosted environment.

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