How to add Multiple Rulers in Sublime Text

In the previous two tutorials we saw how to,

  1. Add Ruler using Menu Option.
  2. Add Permanent Ruler using Settings file.

Taking a step further - let's see how we can set multiple rulers in Sublime Text,

Example: Set two rulers at a distance of columns 80 and 120
  1. Go to Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Settings (on macOS, may vary for Windows users)
  2. Add the below with in braces in Preferences.sublime-settings file : "rulers": [80,100]
  3. Press Command + S to save the changes
  4. Now you should see two rulers in tabs/files.

Like the Menu Option there is no limit to the column options that you can select from you can select any number of rulers and any number you want.

Example: Set 4 rulers at column distance: 10, 20, 40, 80

Follow the same steps and add the following in the settings file: "rulers": [10,20,40,80]

Setting Multiple Rulers in Sublime Text Editor
Setting Multiple Rulers in Sublime Text Editor

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