SharePoint 2010 August 2015 Update KB3055049 - Duplicate Document ID issue bug fixed

SharePoint 2010 - (KB3055049) August 2015 cumulative update

Microsoft has released KB3055049 - August 2015 update for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 to take care of following bugs ( -

Duplicate Document ID - There is a bug where duplicate Document Id is generated for multiple documents resulting in inaccurate search results and opening of the incorrect document when clicking on document id. If you come across this issue, here is a way to change the Document ID using PowerShell script.

Document Library slowness with large items - Sometimes it takes too long for document library to open if there are too many items, mostly occurring when the items have unique permissions and users had to access to very few.

You can download the update from here - This update requires SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 to be installed.

Make sure you restart the SharePoint Server after the update is installed.

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