How to insert image into Google Sheets cell

If you want to add an Image to Google Sheets that you can go to Menu → Insert → Image → Drop your Image. But you would see that the image does not gets added to a specific cell.

To add image into a cell, you can use the Formula / Syntax : IMAGE(url, [mode], [height], [width]), parameter mode, height and width are optional.

url: Just add the URL of the image should be accessible via HTTP protocol example:

Example :

mode: This is an optional filed used to resize the image aspect ratio, the default value is set to 1.

1: It will resize the image to fit inside the cell, maintaining aspect ratio.

2: This will stretch or compress the image to fit inside the cell and will ignore aspect ratio.

3: This will leave the image at original size, which may cause cropping.

4: This allows us to set a custom size for the image (setting custom width and height).

Note: This is an optional field, the mode must be set to 4 if custom width and height are used.


height: You can set the height of the image in pixels.

Note: height is an optional field if used mode must be set to 4.

width: You can set the height of the image in pixels.

Note: width is an optional field if used mode must be set to 4.

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