How to share SharePoint site or document with all users in organization

You are building an intranet using SharePoint Online and want to give access to everyone within your organization, yes to every employee! Of course, excluding external users.
Use the "Everyone except external users" inbuilt group where every Microsoft 365 user from your tenant is already a part of.

Steps to grant access to everyone on SharePoint site -
  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site
  2. Click Settings > Site Permissions > Advanced permission settings
  3. Click the respective group (say Visitors group to grant read access to all)
  4. Click New > Add users
  5. Type "Everyone except external users" (note - do not select Everyone)
  6. Click Show options > uncheck 'send an email invitation' if you do not wish to send a notification
  7. Click Share

This site will now be shared with all employees. If you wish to share a specific document library, folder or file instead, follow the same steps by clicking share on that item.

External users or guest users are not part of this group. The "Everyone except external users" group only consists users who have your company domain, say

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