Can Microsoft SharePoint Lists be synced and accessed offline without internet?


Microsoft has added a plenty of new features since the introduction of Microsoft Lists, which is nothing but a separate Office 365 product based on SharePoint Lists - comments, gallery view, rules, templates, etc.

With an upcoming feature, you will now be able to work with Lists in offline mode (Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Online List), even without an active internet connection.
Lists will automatically sync to the Windows 10+ device.

Microsoft SharePoint Lists offline sync
Microsoft SharePoint Lists offline sync

You can perform almost all operations in offline mode and changes will sync to the cloud when you connect to the internet - change list views, filter, sort, group.

The offline sync for Lists rollout is expected to start in July 2021 and complete by August 2021.

  • A background process is installed for sync - Microsoft Nucleus.exe.
  • Data stored in local database on users computer/laptop.
  • Requests are handled through a secure localhost HTTP server.
  • OneDrive sync app is used for updates.
  • Only supported on devices with Windows 10 or later and running the OneDrive sync app.
  • Improves performance, supports even large lists.
  • Work does not stop even when you lose internet connection.
  • Sync process automatically begins when user navigates to any list or to the Lists web app.
  • All eligible lists that are visible from the Lists app will be synced.
  • The offline sync feature is on by-default for all eligible lists.
  • This feature was announced in Message Center with reference MC261538. Read more on the feature here -

Microsoft 365 Tenant Administrators can use these Group Policy objects (GPOs) to configure Lists sync on user devices.

  • DisableNucleusSync - Prevent Lists sync from running on the device (default: not enabled).
  • BlockExternalListSync - Prevent users from syncing lists shared from other organization (default: not enabled).
  • DisableNucleusSilentConfig - Prevent users from getting silently signed in to Lists sync with their Windows credentials (default: not enabled).
  • Control Access from unmanaged devices - Blocks or limits access to SharePoint and OneDrive content from unmanaged devices (default: not configured).
  • Control access to SharePoint and OneDrive data based on network location - Controls access to SharePoint and OneDrive resources in Microsoft 365 based on defined network locations that you trust (default: not configured).

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