How to access SharePoint on Office 365 using a Web Browser

In order to access SharePoint using Office 365 on a web browser (Chrome/Edge/Safari) follow the below steps,

  • Go to and login with your Work (Business) or School Microsoft 365 Account,
  • Now click on the App Launcher icon on the top right side of the Microsoft Office Home page, you should see the Sharepoint Icon.
    Microsoft Office Home - Access SharePoint
  • Click on it and your SharePoint Dashboard will be opened in a new browser tab.

Note: You can also open SharePoint by clicking on the App Icons on the left-hand sidebar by locating the SharePoint icon.

If you are unable to locate the SharePoint Icon then its most likely that you do not have a SharePoint Subscription in your plan, you can check them by going to View Account -> Subscriptions and checking that licenses show SharePoint (Plan X)

SharePoint - Licenses

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