SharePoint List excel import - This table exceeds the maximum number of supported rows


You receive error while creating a new custom List from Excel. This error will occur in Modern experience and not in Classic SharePoint experience.


There is no problem in the excel spreadsheet table data. Data formatted as table, no blank rows, no blank cells for Title column, but still getting error.
Check how many rows you have in the selected table. Is it over 20000 ?


This is a limit set by Microsoft. You can import maximum 20000 rows from Excel table. You will receive the error if there are more than 20000 rows in your excel.

If you have more than 20000 entries, the best approach is to select less than 20000 rows in the excel table and then add more rows using the Quick Edit option.

USEFUL - Detailed steps to create custom SharePoint list based on excel spreadsheet


  • I created a one time workflow using Power Automate. That is easier.
    anon 27 Aug 2020 13:58:25 GMT
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