How to Upload a File to Google Colab (txt, csv, json, xml, xlsx)

Google Colab is the most widely used Python Notebook to quickly test your Python code snippets, if you have a use case where you want to upload a certain file say .csv, .json, or .txt, and wondering how to upload it so you can use it, then you can make use of files from google.colab module,

from google.colab import files
uploaded = files.upload()

Choose File: sample-json-file.txt
(text/plain) - 358 bytes, last modified: n/a - 100% done
Saving sample-json-file.txt to sample-json-file.txt

When you execute this code snippet you will get the option to upload a file,

Upload a file to Google Colab - Python Notebook
Upload a file to Google Colab - Python Notebook

Now you can read the file and use it the way you want in your code!

import json

json_file = open("sample-json-file.txt", "r")

json_str =
json_obj = json.loads(json_str)

for element in json_obj:
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