Jupyter Notebook: 500 Internal Server Error - nbconvert failed: xelatex not found on PATH

500 Internal Server Error - nbconvert failed- xelatex not found on PATH

500 : Internal Server Error

The error was:

nbconvert failed: xelatex not found on PATH, 
if you have not installed xelatex you may need to do so. 

Find further instructions at https://nbconvert.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install.html#installing-tex.

When trying to download the current Jupyter Notebook as a PDF file on your local machine, if you see a 500 Server error for nbconvert, then you need to make sure that xelatex is available in the PATH variable.

Alternatively you can download mactex if on Mac, but the package is over 1GB, so an easy workaround to save a Notebook as PDF is press Command + P on Safari browser and choose PDF and save on your device.

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