Python Hello World! Program with code example (snippet)

Looking to write your first program in Python? The good thing is that you do not need to have any program installed on your system to get started, you can use online notebooks to get started!

We would be using Google Colab: to write our Hello World! program.

  1. Go to: (you must be logged into your Gmail account)
  2. Click on New Notebook
  3. Now simply type the below code in the box :

    print("Hello, World!");

  4. Now click the Run Botton. It would take a while to run for the first time.
  5. Soon you should see "Hello, World!" printed as the Output!
  6. You can also press Control + Enter to run or re-run the program (code snippet)
Hello World Demo:
Python Hello World Example GIF
Python Hello World Example GIF


  • Yes! This was easy! Thank you for helping me get started with Python Programming.
    ab2k 12 Sep 2020 11:11:33 GMT
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