How to Share your Wifi Password iPhone/iPad/Mac

Often people who have an Apple device such as an iPhone, may also have other devices such as an iPad, Mac, or their iPhones among people in your house or friends.

Let's take a look at steps to share Wifi passwords among Apple devices.

    Step 1: Turn on Wifi and Bluetooth the Apple devices (make sure hotspot is turned off).

    Step 2: Make sure all devices are Signed into iCloud with their Apple IDs.

    Step 3: Make sure that the email address that you have used in iCloud as Apple ID is saved in the other person's device contacts.

    Step 4: Now bring both devices closer, the other device will get a notification.

    Bring your devices close

Shareing Wifi Password from Mac with other devices such as Mac/iPhone/iPad

    Turn on Bluetooth and Wifi on Apple Device
    You can also access this Wi-Fi network by bringing your iPhone near any iPhone iPad or Mac which has connected to this network and has you in their contacts

    You will see a notification on your Mac notification center: Do you want to share the Wi-fi password for "Mac Name" with "iPhone Name"?

    Share Mac Wifi Password Notification

Shareing Wifi Password from iPhone with other devices such as Mac/iPhone/iPad

    You will see a notification on your iPhone.

    Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to other devices

When you click on the Share Password button, you will see a Complete message "Successfully Shared Wi-Fi Password"

Question: Is it possible to share Wifi password from iPhone to iPhone

    Yes, the process is the same as we discussed above.

Question: Does password sharing happens using AirDrop?

    No, it happens via Wifi/Bluetooth.

Question: Is it possible to share Wifi password from Mac to another Laptop

    Yes, but it should be an Apple device running macOS High Sierra or later, so you can only share the password with,

    • Macbook Air/Pro
    • iMac
    • Mac Mini
    • Mac Studio

    If your device is from another brand such as HP, Asus, Dell, Google Chromecast, Samsung, or others it will not work, you can always share the password manually.

Question: Is it possible to share Wifi passwords from iPhone to Android

    No you cannot do that using the above process, it only works among Apple devices. You can also share the password manually to other mobile devices.

Once you have set up Wi-Fi calling when Wi-Fi calling is available from your cellular network, you’ll see "Wi-Fi" on your iPhone's status bar instead of the service provider name.

This is not an AI-generated article but is demonstrated by a human with Macbook Air M1 with macOS Sonoma 14.0 and iPhone 12 Mini with iOS 17.0.

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