How to Request a Refund for Apple Apps and Games

It may so happen that you made a purchase of an app on the iPhone (iOS) or on the Mac App Store and for some reason you want to demand a refund or report a problem with the subscription. In such case you can reach out to Apple to demand a refund as follows.

Step 1:

Open the web browser on your Apple device (iPhone/iPad/macOS) and visit the URL

Note: You will be asked to sign in using your Apple ID email.

Step 2:

Now you will see a form "Report a Problem" with a list of all you recent purchases.

For the question "What can we help you with?" you can choose the option "Reqest a refund"

List of options available:

  • Request a refund
  • Report a quality issue
  • Report a scam or fraud
  • Report offensive, illegal, or abusive content
Apple Report a Problem - Request for Refund Form

Step 3:

Next, for the option "Tell us more..." you can select an appropriate option that describes your concerns.

  • I did not mean to buy this
  • A child/minor made purchase (s) without permission
  • I did not mean to sign up for a subscription (s)
  • I did not intend to renew subscriptions)
  • My purchase does not work as expected
  • In-app purchase not received
  • Other

If you do not find the reason mentioned here you can select "Other" but note that there is no option to provide a custom reason in your own words.

Step 4:

Now search and choose the app, game, subscription, books, music, or other items for the list and select Submit.

Step 5:

Once you submit the request you may have to wait for around 48 hours to receive an update.

To check the status of your claim visit again and select Check Status of Claims

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