iOS 14 Airpods Connected message everytime when the iPhone is unlocked

As Apple started rolling out the new iOS 14 for Apple iPhones and people have started upgrading to it, many people have started seeing that when you unlock the iPhone device and you have your Apple Airpods connected to it, you get a message that says "Airpods Connected"

Airpods connected message ios 14
Airpods connected message ios 14

It seems to be a glitch as even though the Airpods are connected to the device for a long time, yet we see this message whenever the device is unlocked. Hope this will be fixed soon by a minor patch fix release. Do let know in the comment session if you are having the same issue.


  • This can be tuned off by goint to Settings Bluetooth, you should see "Connect to this iPhone".
    - 09 Oct 2020 11:15:12 GMT
  • This has been fixed in iOS 14.2 Beta 1, should be rolled out to everyone after the September 13 event I guess when they launch the new iPhone 12.
    - 09 Oct 2020 07:12:21 GMT
  • I have this issue, every time I unlocked my iPhone the notification kept popping-up! Airpods Connected
    - 05 Oct 2020 01:14:14 GMT
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