How to Install Microsoft Teams App on M1 or M2 Mac

Installing Microsoft Teams on M1 Mac

✌️You will not find Microsoft Teams App on macOS App Store!

If you want to install Microsoft Teams App natively on M1 Mac, follow the below steps,

  1. Open Safari Application,
  2. Go to URL:
  3. Look for download for desktop button -
  4. You will see the below message, click on Allow,
    Do you want to allow downloads on “”?
    You can change which websites can download files in Websites Preferences.
    Allow        Cancel
    Allow download of teams from Mac Safari
  5. teams_osx.pkg file will get downlaoded which is over 100MB size, once download click on the download icron on Safari or go to Finder -> Downlaods and double click on teams_osx.pkg
Teams installer for M1 Mac
Teams installer for M1 Mac
  • You will see Install Microsoft Teams Installer screen,
  • Inroduction Screen: Click Continue
  • Destination Select Screen: You can leave the default - "Install for all users of this computer"
  • Installation Type: Click Install
  • Installation Screen: You will be prompted to enter your password or use your touch id to continue installation,
  • Summary Screen: You should see "The installation was successful." click close,
  • Teams should load on the dock as soon as the installation completes.

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