[Solved] Mic not working on iPhone 7 after iOS 14 upgrade

There are many people who have complained that their iPhone 7 mic is not working after upgrading to iOS 14, as the mic is not working they are unable to make phone calls using the phone as other person is not able to hear them,

Taking to Siri, trying to record a voice message, or recording a voice memo nothing seems to be working. So is WhatsApp, Skype, Teams or Zoom calls to do not working? Here is how you can try resolving this issue.

Solution 1:

Make sure you are on the latest version on iOS 14.x.x if not go to Settings -> General and look for new updates. Post the update this issue should get resolved.

Solution 2:

Press Volume down + on/off Button together until the Apple logo appears. This hard reset may work!


  • It's not just the microphone, but I am having problems with the flashlight and camera, I even tried updating to iOS 14.0.1 it did not work! Is there a way I can fall back to the previous iOS 13 version?
    anonymous 03 Oct 2020 13:10:59 GMT
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