SharePoint PowerShell Merge-SPLogFile filter by time using StartTime EndTime

The Merge-SPLogFile PowerShell command is used to get information from the SharePoint ULS trace log files from entire FARM and the output can be written to a file on your computer (example - .txt or .csv).

The SharePoint ULS logs can get huge in a multi-server environment and its convenient to filter them in order to get the relevant information.

One option is to filter by StartTime and EndTime parameters to get records within a specified time and also optimize performance.

Merge-SPLogFile command filter by StartTime and EndTime
Merge-SPLogFile -Path "C:\log.csv" -Overwrite -StartTime "MM/DD/YYYY HR:MN" -EndTime "MM/DD/YYYY HR:MN"


Merge-SPLogFile -Path "C:\log.csv" -Overwrite -StartTime "07/31/2015 03:00" -EndTime "07/31/2015 03:15"

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