Android Studio 1.3 beta now Available for Developers

Android Studio 1.3 is now available for developers under the Beta channel. A large number of blocker issues raised in 1.2 are been resolved in this version.

Features in Android Studio v1.3 build :

- New Allocation Tracker: It keeps track records of an application's memory allocation. It lists all allocated objects for profiling cycle with its stack, size and allocation code.

- New Heap dump Viewer: It can be used to view real-time reports of what types of objects of your application has allocated with what sizes on the heap.

- Many new code inspections to enforce framework and support library threading annotations, range annotations, call super, check result, etc.

- Missing permission checks and unhandled revocable permission checks.

- Android M preview data binding Support added.

- Google Analytics support.

- SDK update notifications, and brand new integrated SDK manager UI.

- Many new built-in live code templates.

- Some smaller features and bug fixes.

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