How to uninstall Rust Language from Mac/Linux/Ubuntu

We assume that you have installed Rust Language on your Mac/Linux using the rustup the recommended way by

To uninstall rust from your system, you can make use of the rustup command with the self uninstall option.

Steps to Uninstall Rust

  1. Openn Terminal,
  2. Run the below command,
    rustup self uninstall


    Thanks for hacking in Rust!
    This will uninstall all Rust toolchains and data, and remove
    $HOME/.cargo/bin from your PATH environment variable.
    Continue? (y/N) y
    info: removing rustup home
    info: removing cargo home
    info: removing rustup binaries
    info: rustup is uninstalled

How to uninstall Rust Lang from Mac or Linux Example using Terminal

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