Remove items from JavaScript array

If you have an array object in JavaScript and want to remove items from it, you can make use of the indexOf() and splice() methods. method.

  1. Say you have an array of fruits: var fruits = ['orange', 'mango', 'banana', 'grapes', 'plum'];
  2. You can get the index of any element/item as: var idx = fruits.indexOf('banana');
  3. Now you can use this index with slice() to remove the item banana from the array: fruits.splice(idx, 1);

Note: if the indexOf of the object is not found then you would get -1, so you can wrap the slice method with an if condition to check that.

Let's see an example JavaScript code snippet:

//Step 1: Note we have 5 elements/items in the array fruits
var fruits = ['orange', 'mango', 'banana', 'grapes', 'plum'];

//Let's print the array in console
console.log("Before removal: "+fruits);

//Step 2: Now lets get index of banana element that we want to remove
const idx = fruits.indexOf('banana');

//Step 3: Lets slice the element out
if(idx > -1)
fruits.splice(idx, 1);

//Step 4: Let's print the array again in the console to see the result.
console.log("After removal: "+fruits);

> "Before removal: orange,mango,banana,grapes,plum"
> "After removal: orange,mango,grapes,plum"

jsFiddle Example:


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