Add Animated Scrolling to Html Page Title Script

To make a Html page title scroll just as a <marquee> tag, we need to use javascript.

To make the HTML page title scroll horizontally we do the following,

1. Get the title tag tag value (its better we add spaces at the start and end of the page title)

2. Now we need to get the substrings to re arrange the text, we create a function with the below logic,

a. Cut the 1st character of the title and append it at the end of the string.

b. Now, Set this text as title.

c. To add marquee animation effort, call the function recursively even 450 milli seconds using setTimeout() function.

3. Now call this function at onload.

<!DOCTYPE html>


<title> Animated Web page title </title>

<script type="text/javascript">

var titleText = document.title;

function titleMarquee() {

 titleText = titleText.substring(1, titleText.length) + titleText.substring(0, 1);
 document.title = titleText;
 setTimeout("titleMarquee()", 450);



<body onload="titleMarquee()">

<h1>Animated/Scrolling Web page Title</h1>

<p>Have a look at the Page title. Its scrolling ....</p>

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