How to yarn reinstall all Packages

We can make use of the yarn reinstall command to manage our project's dependencies. This command allows us to reinstall packages, either individually or all at once. Let's take a look at a few examples.

Reinstall All Packages

This command will clean and reinstall all packages.

yarn reinstall
How to yarn reinstall all Packages

Reinstall Specific Packages

This command will replace package-name with the package you want to reinstall.

yarn reinstall package-name

Force Reinstallation Yarn All Packages

Note: Use this command with caution as it will force reinstall all packages.

yarn install --force

Clean and Reinstall

Two commands to clear old packages and reinstall them anew.

yarn clean
yarn install

Rebuild Native Packages

Useful command to rebuild and fix native module issues.

yarn rebuild

Update All Packages

Run to update all packages to their latest versions.

yarn upgrade

Add Development Dependencies

To add a package as a dev dependency.

yarn add -D package-name

Reinstall npm Packages

yarn import

How to Reinstall Node Modules with Yarn

This will reinstall all node modules in the project, forcing a clean installation.

yarn --force

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