How to enable more encoding support in Mac Terminal

Not all encoding is enabled in the Mac Terminal by default, for me, I have the below enabled, depending upon the region you may have different set enabled,

Default enabled Encoding formats on my Macbook:
  • Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Western (Mac OS Roman)
  • Western (ISO Latin 1)
  • Western (ISO Latin 9)
  • Western (Windows Latin 1)
  • Western (ASCII)
  • Western (NextStep)
  • Japanese (Mac OS)
  • Japanese (EUC)
  • Japanese (Shift JIS)
  • Cyrillic (ISO 8859-5)
  • Korean (ISO 2022-KR)
  • Traditional Chinese (Big 5 HKSCS)
  • Cyrillic (DOS)
  • Russian (DOS)
  • Cyrillic (Windows)
  • Cyrillic (KOI8-R)
  • Simplified Chinese (HZ GB 2312)
  • Central European (Windows Latin 2)

Add Support for more Encoding Formats

If you want to add support for more formats, just press Command ⌘ and , keys to open the Encodings window, where you can check and select other encodings like UTF-16

Select Mac Terminal Encoding
Other encoding list:
Unicode (UTF-16)
Unicode (UTF-7)
Unicode (UTF-32)
Unicode (UTF-16BE)
Unicode (UTF-16LE)
Unicode (UTF-32BE)
Unicode (UTF-32LE)
Western (ISO Latin 3)
Latin-US (DOS)
Western (DOS Latin 1)
Portuguese (DOS)
Canadian French (DOS)
Western (Mac Mail)
Western (EBCDIC Latin Core)
Western (EBCDIC Latin 1)
Japanese (Windows, DOS)
Japanese (Shift JIS X0213)
Japanese (ISO 2022-JP)
Japanese (ISO 2022-JP-2)
Japanese (ISO 2022-JP-1)
Traditional Chinese (Mac OS)
Traditional Chinese (Windows, DOS)
Traditional Chinese (EUC)
Traditional Chinese (Big 5)
Traditional Chinese (Big 5-E)
Korean (Mac OS)
Korean (Windows, DOS)
Korean (EUC)
Arabic (Mac OS)
Arabic (ISO 8859-6)
Arabic (DOS)
Arabic (Windows)
Hebrew (Mac OS)
Hebrew (ISO 8859-8)
Hebrew (DOS)
Hebrew (Windows)
Greek (Mac OS)
Greek (ISO 8859-7)
Greek (DOS)
Greek (DOS Greek 1)
Greek (DOS Greek 2)
Greek (Windows)
Cyrillic (Mac OS)
Devanagari (Mac OS)
Gurmukhi (Mac OS)
Gujarati (Mac OS)
Thai (Mac OS)
Thai (ISO 8859-11)
Thai (Windows, DOS)
Simplified Chinese (Mac OS)
Simplified Chinese (Windows, DOS)
Chinese (GBK)
Chinese (GB 18030)
Chinese (ISO 2022-CN)
Simplified Chinese (GB 2312)
Tibetan (Mac OS)
Central European (Mac OS)
Central European (ISO Latin 2)
Central European (ISO Latin 4)
Baltic (ISO Latin 7)
Baltic (DOS)
Central European (DOS Latin 2)
Baltic (Windows)
Vietnamese (Windows)
Symbol (Mac OS)
Dingbats (Mac OS)
Turkish (Mac OS)
Turkish (ISO Latin 5)
Turkish (DOS)
Turkish (Windows Latin 5)
Croatian (Mac OS)
Icelandic (Mac OS)
Icelandic (DOS)
Romanian (Mac OS)
Romanian (ISO Latin 10)
Celtic (Mac OS)
Celtic (ISO Latin 8)
Gaelic (Mac OS)
Keyboard Symbols (Mac OS)
Farsi (Mac OS)
Cyrillic (Mac OS Ukrainian)
Ukrainian (K018-U)
Inuit (Mac OS)
Nordic (ISO Latin 6)
Nordic (DOS)
Non-lossy ASCII

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