Is Java 20 an LTS Version?

The latest version of Java JDK 20 was released on 21 March 2023. This is the 11th release as a part of a six-month release cadence.

JDK 20 is now available for all developers, end-users, and enterprises and can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, and macOS from the official Oracle Java Download page.

JEPs included in Java JDK 20

JEP 429: Scoped Values (Incubator)
JEP 432: Record Patterns (Second Preview)
JEP 433: Pattern Matching for switch (Fourth Preview)
JEP 434: Foreign Function & Memory API (Second Preview)
JEP 436: Virtual Threads (Second Preview)
JEP 437: Structured Concurrency (Second Incubator)
JEP 438: Vector API (Fifth Incubator)

Is Java 20 an LTS version

Java 20 is not an LTS (Long Term Support) version but a feature release as a part of the six-month release cadence.

Java Version Release Date Extended Support
Java JDK 9September 2017N/A
Java JDK 10March 2018N/A
Java JDK 11 (LTS)September 2018September 2026
Java JDK 12 March 2019N/A
Java JDK 13 September 2019N/A
Java JDK 14 March 2020N/A
Java JDK 15 September 2020N/A
Java JDK 16 March 2021N/A
Java JDK 17 (LTS) September 2021September 2029
Java JDK 18 March 2022N/A
Java JDK 19September 2022N/A
Java JDK 20March 2023N/A
* Java JDK 21 (LTS)September 2023September 2031

* Java JDK 21 will be a LTS version due to be released in September 2023

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