Is Facebook is down? Is it just for me?

Are you trying to access the Facebook website or the app on your Android or iOS devices and you are not able to access it, here are few quick ways to know if Facebook is really down or it's just some issues at your end!

  1. The very first thing to check is "Is your internet working?", try accessing other websites say, if you are not able to access any other app or website - it's your internet problem.

  2. Ok, if you are able to access the internet, check the Facebook Platform Status to see any outrage reported.

  3. You can go to Twitter and search for the Facebook keyword or hashtag in the latest/recent search results, I am sure you would loads of people complaining if it is really down!

  4. It could be so that you are connected to a Wifi that is controlled, like Schools and Workplace where social networking websites are blocked!

Hashtags: #FacebookDown #FacebookNotWorking #FacebookOutrage #FacebookApp

  • Zuckerberg also mentioned in his company-wide meeting that Apple's App Store is monopolistic and harmful to customers, Apple blocks innovation, blocks competition and uses the β€ŒApp Storeβ€Œ to charge monopoly rents. Twitter is all of this.
    anon 28 Aug 2020 07:47:21 GMT
  • Mark Zuckerberg trending for his statement of operational mistake in not taking down militia page, which belonged to the Kenosha Guard, a self-identified local militia that had set up an event on Facebook calling for people to take weapons into the streets.
    anon 28 Aug 2020 07:26:21 GMT
  • down again ?
    anon 02 Aug 2020 23:34:04 GMT
  • Its kinda funny but you are right just go to twitter.... see latest tweets... you will come to know ;)
    user294 26 Jul 2020 04:07:49 GMT
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