Create SharePoint Site Collection with new Content database in existing web application

You may want to create a new SharePoint Site Collection with a dedicated content database. It's a good idea to isolate the Site Collection in a separate database so it's easier to maintain and easier to recover in case of outages or corruptions.

There are 2 ways of doing this

Central Admin

IMPORTANT - Set and restrict all existing Content databases to maximum site limit, so no new site can be added there.
- Set Maximum Number of Site Collections = Current Number of Site Collections
- Set Site Collection Level Warning to 1

  1. Navigate to Central Administration (ensure you have necessary permissions).
  2. Click Appliction Management.
  3. Click Manage Content Database.
  4. Select the Web Application where you want to create new Site Collection with its own database.
  5. Click Add a Content Database.
  6. Provide a good name for the database so you can easily identify the related DB and Site coll.
  7. Create new Site Collection from Central Admin --> Application Management --> Create new Site Collection.
  8. The new Site Collection will automatically be created in the new Content Database.


  1. Start PowerShell as "Run as administrator".
  2. Ensure you load necessary libraries.
  3. Create new Content Database
  4. New-SPContentDatabase -Name [Database Name] -DatabaseServer [Database Server] -WebApplication [WebApp URL]

  5. Create new Site Collection using the content database just created
  6. New-SPSite -Url [Site Coll URL] -OwnerAlias [domain\user] -SecondaryOwnerAlias [domain\user] -ContentDatabase [Database Name] –Template [Template]

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