Add or remove users from sudo group - Ubuntu

If you want to add or remove users from the sudo group on Ubuntu, you can follow the below examples,

Add user to Sudo Group

add user to sudo group
% sudo adduser c2c sudo

Adding user `c2c' to group `sudo' ...
Adding user c2c to group sudo


If the user already exists in the sudo group make use of sudo adduser command,

% sudo adduser c2c sudo

The user `c2c' is already a member of `sudo'.

Remove user to Sudo Group

In order to remove a user from sudo group you can make use of sudo deluser command,

remove user from sudo group
% sudo deluser c2c sudo

Removing user `c2c' from group `sudo' ...

Again, if you try to remove a user that does not exist in sudo group you will get below error,

bash|/usr/sbin/deluser: The user `c2c' is not a member of group `sudo'.

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