How to kill service running on a port on Ubuntu Linux

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If you have a service running on a port on your Ubuntu Linux Server and want to kill it, you can achieve it by using the kill command,

Step 1: Identify the service running and get its Process Id (PID)

Syntax: sudo lsof -I:{PORT}
# sudo lsof -i:80

nginx   2785 root    6u  IPv4  39198      0t0  TCP *:89 (LISTEN)
nginx   2785 root    7u  IPv6  39199      0t0  TCP *:80 (LISTEN)

As you can see I have made use of lsof command to see if I have my Nginx localhost server running on the device

Step 2: Kill the Service on the port using PID

Syntax: kill -9 {PID}
kill -9 2785

Kill the service in one single line

sudo kill -9 $(sudo lsof -t -I:{PORT})

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