How to remove quotes from a String in Python

To remove quotes from within a String in Python, we can make use of the functions such as strip(), re and replace().

Example 1: Remove Leading and Trailing Single Quotes using strip()

    str_with_single_quotes = "'Hello there! How are you?'"
    str_without_single_quotes = str_with_single_quotes.strip("'")
    Hello there! How are you?

Note: strip() function can be used only to remove the leading and trailing quotes.

Example 2: Remove Leading and Trailing Double Quotes using regex - re module

    import re
    str_with_single_quotes = "He said \"I am not coming!\""
    str_without_single_quotes = re.sub(r"\"", "", str_with_single_quotes)
    He said I am not coming!

Example 3: Using replace() function to repalce both single and double quotes

    import re
    str_with_single_quotes = "\"This isn't mine\""
    str_without_single_quotes = str_with_single_quotes.replace("'", "").replace("\"", "")
    This isnt mine!

Python Repalce Single or Double Quotes Example

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