Configure AWS Access ID and Secret Keys using CLI on Mac

If you want to configure the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to run AWS CLI commands, then you need to follow the below steps on your Mac (same steps for M1/M2 or Intel-based Mac's).

Step 1: Install AWS CLI 2 using brew

    % brew install awscli

    Once you get the CLI installed, then you can validate that it has been installed correctly using the --version command.

    % aws --version
    aws-cli/2.13.7 Python/3.11.4 Darwin/23.0.0 source/arm64 prompt/off

Step 2: Let's configure Access ID and Secret Keys Credentials

    % aws configure

    Once you run the above command, you will be asked to enter the below details.

    AWS Secret Access Key: jXAemA2uI6aX1iypqUbSQ5ZKonJQYNI2hpOYhwAd
    Default region name: us-east-1
    Default output format: table
    AWS Configure Access and Secret Credentials

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