[Solution] com.amazonaws.dynamodb.v20120810 MissingAuthenticationToken Key Id or X.509 certificate

If you have downloaded the standalone desktop version of DynamoDB on your device and when you try to run the server on http://localhost:8000/shell or and you get the below error,


Request must contain either a valid (registered)
AWS access key ID or X.509 certificate."}
Chrome Browser:
This site can't be reached
The webpage at http://localhost:8000/shell might be 
temporarily down or it may have moved 
permanently to a new web address.
Safari Can't Connect to the Server
Safari can't open the page "localhost:8000/shell/" 
because Safari can't connect to the server "localhost".


DynamoDB Local Web Shell was deprecated with version 1.16.X and is not available any longer from 1.17.X to latest. There are no immediate plans for a new Web Shell to be introduced.

Reference: https://repost.aws/questions/QUHyIzoEDqQ3iOKlUEp1LPWQ#ANdBm9Nz9TRf6VqR3jZtcA1g


- Download the old version of DynamoDB Local < 1.17.0

- Better to use DynamoDB Local on Docker Desktop with older image,

% docker pull dynamodb-local:1.16.0

✏️ Installing DynamoDB Desktop on Docker Container: link

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