Fix: Jupyter Notebook Black Web Page on Localhost

I recently updated the Jupyter Notebook version on your Mac and when I try to access the Notebook on any port, I am getting a blank web page with nothing on it just a pure white page.

I tried to even run in the Private/Incognito mode on various browsers - Safari/Chrome/Firefox, yet I see a page that asks for a session token, and then entered the blank screen.

Blank Jupyter Notebook Page Localhost
python3 -m notebook

[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.873 ServerApp] Package notebook took 0.0000s to import
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.875 ServerApp] notebook | extension was successfully linked.
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.926 ServerApp] notebook | extension was successfully loaded.
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.926 ServerApp] The port 8888 is already in use, trying another port.
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.927 ServerApp] Serving notebooks from local directory: /Users/c2ctechtv
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.927 ServerApp] Jupyter Server 2.7.0 is running at:
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.927 ServerApp] http://localhost:8889/tree?token=ba87a851439e68e72460f964a895434306453b39fc25bdfd
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.927 ServerApp]
[I 2023-08-10 06:31:14.927 ServerApp] Use Control-C to stop this server and shut down all kernels (twice to skip confirmation).
[C 2023-08-10 06:31:14.931 ServerApp] 
    To access the server, open this file in a browser:
    Or copy and paste one of these URLs:
jupyter --version

Selected Jupyter core packages...
IPython          : 8.14.0
ipykernel        : 6.25.1
ipywidgets       : 8.1.0
jupyter_client   : 8.3.0
jupyter_core     : 5.3.1
jupyter_server   : 2.7.0
jupyterlab       : 4.0.4
nbclient         : 0.8.0
nbconvert        : 7.7.3
nbformat         : 5.9.2
notebook         : 7.0.2
qtconsole        : 5.4.3
traitlets        : 5.9.0

Few things that I tried.

1. Update the Notebook

pip3 install --upgrade jupyter
pip3 install --upgrade jupyterlab

2. Rebuild JpyterLab Rebuild and Extensions:

jupyter lab build

3. Move the Jupyter Configuration file:

mv ~/.jupyter ~/.jupyter_backup_20230810

Moving the configuration file did fix my issue!

Facing issues? Have Questions? Post them here! I am happy to answer!

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