Pdf Text to Speech option in Mac OS X Preview App

Normally when you are reading an article, blog on a web browser you select the text and do right-click, you get the option Speech -> Start Speaking, same applies for an EditText document, but have you noticed that Speech option is not available when you do a right-click while reading a PDF document using Previews App on Mac OS X.

How to read a pdf using Speech in Preview:
  1. Open your PDF file in Preview app.
  2. Select the text you want the computer to read out for you.
  3. Go to Menu : Edit Speech -> Start Speaking, to stop Speech -> Stop Speaking.
Speech option for PDF in Preview App Mac OS X
Speech option for PDF in Preview App Mac OS X

Note : If you want to change the Voice option (male/female/accent) : Click on Apple Logo -> System Preference -> Dictation & Speech -> Text to Speech tab -> Select preferred System Voice from the dropdown menu.

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