How to change bash terminal prompt string and color

I am using bash on Windows and the bash prompt string I see is too big: code2care@LAPTOP-3UHXXRYY:/#, I would rather like it to be a hash (#) or a dollar ($) sigh, let's see how we can change it,

  1. Open bash,
  2. Type su root to switch to root account,
  3. Now type nano ~/.bashrc to open the bashrc file where we will set the PS1 prompt configuration,
  4. At the end of the file type PS1="\e[0;32m $ \e[0m",
  5. Press Ctrl + O and Enter, and press Ctrl + O to exit,
  6. Either close the bash terminal or type source ~/.bashrc to apply changes,
  7. You prompt now should be in a $ green color.
Change Bash Prompt String
Change Bash Prompt String
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