How to activate and create SharePoint Spaces feature for mixed reality experience - 2D/3D images and web parts

UX or user experience is the key to modern web based applications. Microsoft has introduced "SharePoint Spaces" (part of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online) which is a web-based, immersive platform, which lets you create and share, secure and extensible mixed reality experiences.

Sharepoint Spaces allows to add 2D and 3D web parts to your modern intranet sites and create your mixed reality vision. You can choose options such as structure, background, and theme, add web parts for your 3D objects, 360° images and videos, 2D images and text, and more.

SharePoint Spaces.PNG
SharePoint Spaces

How to create a SharePoint Space

SharePoint spaces can be build on new or existing Sharepoint sites. Communication site is recommended which has more screen to work with.
Follow these steps to create a space.

  1. Activate the spaces feature, if not already activated.
    • Click Settings (gear icon on top right of page).
    • Click Site information.
    • Click View all site settings.
    • Click Manage site features.
    • Search for Spaces and click Activate.
  2. Go back to your Home page or any other custom page.
  3. Click + New to add a new web part and select Space (Preview).
  4. Choose the type of space to create (this can be changed later).
  5. Provide Space name and description.
  6. Click create.

SharePoint Spaces will help improving experiences for trainings, virtual tours, (LMS) Learning , learning beyond classroom, HR/Employee onboarding experience, interactive content and much more. Go any show your creativity.


  • Same here, feature is missing!
    anonymous 03 Oct 2020 13:10:59 GMT
  • I dont' see this feature in my site. Is this a paid feature?
    anonymous 01 Oct 2020 11:44:12 GMT
  • who will get the 3D images? you need a UI designer for that. More investment, more cost, low budget :(
    anonymous 29 Sep 2020 23:10:15 GMT
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