AWS S3 CLI BucketAlreadyExists when calling CreateBucket Error make_bucket failed

root@8b4ed5e4957e:/# aws s3 mb s3://myBucket

make_bucket failed: s3://myBucket 
An error occurred (BucketAlreadyExists) when 
calling the CreateBucket operation: 
The requested bucket name is not available. 
The bucket namespace is shared by all users of the system. 
Please select a different name and try again.

If you are trying to create an S3 bucket using the AWS CLI command, you may come across this error often BucketAlreadyExists as the bucket namespace is shared for all users using the AWS S3 service, so it is quite likely that the bucket name that you have chosen already exists.

AWS S3 CLI Error - BucketAlreadyExists

Choose a name that is unique - the most common thing would be to add a unique suffix to your bucket name.

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