Eclipse like Auto Import Shortcut in Intelij IDE Android Studio

If you have just moved from ADT Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio the first thing you would notice that the keymap i.e. Keyboard shortcuts are very different then that of IDE's based on Eclipse.

If you want to add missing import statements then in Eclipse we use,

ADT Eclipse
  • Windows : Ctrl + Shift + O
  • Mac OS X : Command + Shift + O
For Intelij the Shift key is replaced by Alt key,
  • Windows : Ctrl + Alt + O
  • Mac OS X : Command + Alt + O
Note: If you see that this does not work, then follow these steps,
  1. Go to Android Studio -> Preferences
  2. Select Editor -> Auto Import
  3. Under Java, Check Optimize imports on the fly and Add unambiguous imports on a fly
  4. Apply the changes.
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