Can we move apps like WhatsApp, Facebook to external MicroSD card

You might be receiving "insufficient space" error dialog message while you are trying to Install a new App on your Android Device or receiving some files via. Bluetooth. And now you see that Certain Apps are installed on Internal Storage and taking up most of the space, well you can move this App and its Cache to External Storage,

How to resolve this issue ?

To move Apps to External Storage,

  • Goto Settings
  • Goto Applications
  • Look for the App you want to Move
  • Now you should see, Move to External Storage if the App is installed on the Internal Device (If it says Move to Phone/System Memory then the app is already installed on the microSD card) .

Note that these steps may vary depending upon the Android OS version you are using (Gingerbread, HoneyComb, IceCreamSandwich, Kitkat or Lollipop)

Why Can't we move WhatsApp, Facebook to External Storage ? You may see Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook cannot be moved, the reason is they use certain App permissions that are important for their features that do not let it install it on external storage. If you read WhatsApp Official blog on this you would see, Moving WhatsApp to your memory card (microSD card) is not possible at this time.

We are working on improving our application size and memory utilization. There are technical hurdles that do not allow us to move our application to the microSD card. In the meantime, we recommend that you help make room for WhatsApp by moving as many other applications and media files as you can, to your microSD card.

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Is there a way ?

The only way this can be done is by having access to SuperUser and for this, you need to get your Phone rooted which is not recommended.

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