Android Studio Ctrl Shift o auto import not working

Even if you have set Keymap for Android Studio as that found in Eclipse (if not follow this tutorial) you may see that the Ctrl + Shift + O auto-import keyboard shortcut does not work for java files. In order to get it working you need to follow the below steps,

Enable Auto imports
Enable Auto imports

Enable Auto Imports in IntelliJ Android Studio

  1. Under Menu : Go to Files → Settings on Windows. (if your on Mac OS X go to Android Studio → Preferences)
  2. Search for Editor.
  3. Under Editor Section look for Auto Import.
  4. Now under Java Select both Add unambiguous imports on the fly and Optimize imports on a fly.
  5. Apply Changes and Click OK.

That's it!! just try Ctrl+Shift+O now and you would see auto imports working just as it does in eclipse IDE.

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